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What is "Good-Bye Owner"?

It's an alternate Real Estate service helping you sell, save, and be safe!

We help Sellers who are Moving and saying "Good-Bye" to their current home!

  1. Our Sellers are definitively "On The Move!" & motivated to sell.
  2. Our Sellers are comfortable in handling their transaction, and want a direct line of communication with the buyer.
  3. Our Sellers enjoy more input, take an "active" role to facilitate a more amicable transaction.
  4. Everyone saves if there are less people "feeding at the trough" so to speak.   



Please feel free to meet these sellers! 

You have an open line of communication, direct access!

Are you qualified?  Are you ready to buy? 

If so, then please set your appointments, (directly, or through your Agent if you have one), and have a look!

Members: Good-Bye Owner LLC.


 A little more Seller information

We post you in the local (Great Falls) MLS   (GOES TO ZILLOW & REALTOR.COM)

The commission ends up being about HALF (1/2) of a typical commission!  And you only pay an Agent brings you the buyer!

If you locate your own buyer; NO Commission is due!

Active Buyers can be found in three places:

  1. Buyers Are Online: (Primarily)!
  2. Working with Agents in the MLS.
  3. Also - driving neighborhoods/areas of interest - (the sign still works)!

That is it!  And of course "proper pricing"....if the price is right, the sign works!

 "Where U Deal Direct and Save"!

      Let Us Give You a Hand

Our Service is Proven!  It is efficient!  It is economical! And it is Friendly!







"Let Us Give You a Hand"!TM

Good-Bye Owner® LLC





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