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What is "Good-Bye Owner"?
It's NOT the "status quo"!

First:  It's Sellers saying "Good-Bye" that 6% expense!  (not adding big commissions to that list price). 
          Commissions are tumbling!  And that is a good thing for Sellers and Buyers.  

Second:  Our Seller are saying "Good-Bye" to their home!  They may be leaving town, perhaps building, and whatever the reason, our GBO Sellers are definitely on the move!  Motivated to sell, not just testing the market for a high price. 

Third: These Sellers are saying "Good-Bye" to being left out of the conversation.  They want to be involved.  They get direct communication: They actually meet the buyer and deal in a more personal fashion.  Our Sellers desire to keep things simple, direct, and amicable. 

(Why Not?)


GoodBye-Owner means "Hello Buyers"!



THANKS!  The Good-Bye Owner Team!


 A little more Seller information

You get posted in the new (Montana Regional MLS): 
           (Which includes Great Falls, Helena, Missoula, Kalispell, Butte, and more)  

Your home gets onto: REALTOR.COM - ZILLOW - TRULIA and many others.
                                (Basically "everywhere")!

The commission is flexible, it typically ends up being about HALF or less. 
  (you can even offer a flat fee to the Agent if you want).      

You only pay the Agent who brings you the buyer!

If you locate your own buyer; You can deal direct and no commission would be paid.

Our Service is:  Economical, Efficient, Amicable, and it is Proven!

Please call us to learn more: 406-761-0001 

"Let Us Give You a Hand"!TM

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