Your Alternate Real Estate Service
Let us give you a hand!

Well, It's not about us, it's really about YOU!

This service is not be for everone obviously, but here, you are not trapped by the Real Estate Service (6%) status quo! 

Our service is simple, flexible, and straight forward. 

You get the exposure and you deal with your property in a fashion that suits you. 

We do not use your house as a stage to glean more customers. 

We do not show the home to non-qualified buyers.. Your home is your castle, and you decide who is in your home.

You have direct communication with the buyer and the agent and noting gets lost in the translation.  (sometimes there is no other agent involved)

It is your rules --not ours -- that facilitate the sale of your home sale.

We help you deal direct; for safety, for savings, for peace of mind.


 We are experienced, and understand people want choices. 

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